Candle Care

Make Your Natural Coconut Soy Candle Last.....

Here are some things you want to know about your candle(s) so that you have the best experience 

  • When you initially light your Wicked Pleasure Candle, allow it to burn at least 2 hours or until you see there is a full melted pool of soy wax. This will prevent your candle from having the "tunnel effect"
  • Periodically trim your wick, not trimming your wick can cause soot, poor burn, and even stain your walls also reducing the life of the candle. You can purchase wick trimmers here.
  • Keep away from fan or wind, it can cause an uneven burn, which can lower the life span of your candle 
  • Keep candle on an even and sturdy platform, never light in an area where it is accessible to small children