About Us

Wicked Pleasure Candles are homemade and hand poured soy coconut blended wax candles, that last much longer than traditional candles and supports a healthy environment. Candle connoisseurs can now enjoy their candles longer and gift themselves and others with something pleasurable. 

Every candle is individually hand poured in small batches by Andi, a small business owner in Huntsville, Al. Wicked allows her to achieve her goals in educating everyone about the advantage of using natural candles and to gift the soul of those who love candles and wax melts.

Candle are not only to build a pleasurable aromatic presence in your home or office. It's also there to make a statement, and immediately changes the atmosphere to a relaxing one.

We also offer candle gift boxes for those special occasions like weddings, party favors, birthdays and more.

These can be purchased in 25 or more quantities and have the option of customized labels as well. Contact us for more information!