The Wick Vol 1 Issue 1 - Wash Dishes in Cold Water?

 Just wanted to drop in and say hello, its been a while.
I am sending you good vibes as you read through this newsletter.
I wanted to let you know as we go into the evening of September 1st take the time out to really reflect what you want this month.

Your goals, your wants, and how you will accomplish them, big or small.

I think we all know what we want and maybe even have an end date in mind. Have we strategically planned it out? Yes, every goal big or small must start with some sort of strategy. You don't wash the dishes in cold water do ya lol

So lets start here for example

Don't just say I want to save money this month.
Open a journal or your Notes app
 and write down 
I want to save xxx amount of money in September by saving xxx a week, xxx a day and I will do this by............... 

Whatever your goal might be, be detailed and be very intentional about it.

Everyday you accomplish a short term goal for your long term goal.

Thats what we are doing this month. We are being selfish with our goals and ourselves. Reward yourself for tasks as small as washing the dishes and as big as closing on a new house.