5 Reason to Choose Soy Wax Candles

The other day my best friend/sister and I were talking about my candle making and what got me into it. After knowing me since the age of like 11-12 sis knew that me sticking with something this long it must be a true love to it.

My sister travels within the health field and is very often away so she was just now able to catch up with me about my love for candle making. 

She was so impressed with the scent and the burn her curiosity drove me to find out how passionate I actually am about providing healthy candles to the elite candle connoisseurs like myself *winks and sips out of wine glass. 

I didn’t know how much information over the years I had accumulated about the science behind it until that day. Better yet, I didn't notice how misinformed people were about candles, the origin and the different types of waxes used.

Candles have always been a big thing in my household beginning from a child. I remember Saturday mornings my mom would clean the whole house and light a candle in every room and it would just make everything feel so complete.

Back then, neither my mother or I knew that we were putting ourselves at risk every light. So when it came to making candles I was happy to find that out from the beginning.

 Because of that soy wax has been Wicked Pleasures use of wax because I knew all the health benefits.

The common question I hear is, what makes your candles stand out. 

My common answer is speaking on the environmentally friendly wax used, soy and the small batch pours. My sister did not know the differences in waxes and I was like 🤯 and then I remembered there was a time I did not know as well. Why have I been so vague with this!!! She didn't know, and you know what she was no where near the only one as I started having conversations with others later that week. 

So we get into detail about WAXES and from then on I knew "I was an artist and I was sensitive about my Shhh....candles." 

So again, I assumed everyone knew about how the large candle companies using paraffin wax and how harmful it was, I mean the internet was a thing now right. Nope, my sister or other folks that I communicated with didn't know hey were putting them selves in harms way other than the flame. 

When you burn a paraffin candle you are burning CRUDE OIL, yep petroleum, but worse. Paraffin is like the hot dogs of meat, quick easy, sellable, and full of Crap!.

You are putting yourself at risk of lung complications, triggers those who struggle with asthma and let's not even began to get on the possibility of other respiratory issues.

If you ever lit a paraffin candle and see black soot, picture a semi truck just driving through your home, well the smoke part I'd say. Now that's a little exaggerative but your lungs are accumulating a very small percentage of the similar diesel smoke over the life on the candle. 

Save yourself, and if you don't want to save yourself do it for those around you and our precious earth. It deserves to be here as long as it can, even if we cannot.

But don’t worry you don't have to throw out the candles, just the paraffin ones! Like, as soon as you're done reading this, because now you know and you have options.

There are currently only 3 waxes that I use and recommend when it comes down to setting the mood with my candles.

My first love is soy and that is the origination of Wicked Pleasure Candles.

Soy wax candles are made from soy beans, no crude oil. Beware though, not all soy candles are fully soy wax. Candles can be labeled soy if it contains more than half of soy wax 🥴. So beware of candles labeled soy blend and look for 100% soy wax

Don’t worry though, you don’t get a soy blend candle at Wicked Pleasure, you get all SOY! 

So what does that mean for you.

  1. Minimized your carbon footprint, you don't risk upper respiratory issues or asthma triggers.
  2. Easy to cleanup, in case of a spill you just need hot water to clean and you don't have to worry about leftover wax
  3. Soy beans are natural, supporting American farmers are over 
  4. Soy candles burn at a lower temperature so you till get twice the amount of burn time with your candle.
  5. Scent is not over bearing that can usually be the cause of nausea or worse migraines :( 

I found an article here that pretty much sums up every reason why I will never jeopardize a high scent throw (that's what we call in the candle world when the fragrance is strong) over health.

In my next blog, want to discuss with you next an even better natural resource wax that I also use. I think you’ll be surprised to know you could even use it as a moisturizer or a cooking product.  Before you leave here though look to your left, look to your right look in front of you and behind you. If you’re lighting a paraffin wax candle (you’ll know if it’s any other wax cause we wear our badges proud) go ahead and blow it out. After you blow it out thank your higher power for resources, take a picture of your unlit candle and post it on Instagram or facebook and tag 3 friends with the caption

My carbon footprint is getting smaller and my vibes is getting bigger #nomoreparrafin #imgoingsoy #wickedpleasurecandles 

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